The objective:

To announce the UK arrival of the US ready-to-drink meal sensation and to build a fanbase in their target audiences: tech professionals, gamers and students.

The story:

The factor that sets the successful apart from the rest is dedication, but being committed to a passion comes at a cost. Gamers, students and techies are more likely to have health issues due to poor diet & lifestyle - the price of success could be shaving  years off their lives.

One future-focused food innovator is on a mission was to give back this lost time by changing the way we think about food. Offering all the benefits of a balanced meal without any of the hassle, Soylent is the best-kept secret of Silicon Valley.

How we did it:

After demonstrating the insight that ambition for success can mean people forgo a balanced and healthy diet, we reached out to key members from our target cohorts and showed them, with the help of nutritionist, Lucy Jones and performance coach, Grace Marshall, how to hack their time, be more and stay healthy.


Our campaign delivered over 500 mentions in UK media and influencers, including on radio and online at BBC, most national newspapers and all the key tech, gaming and student titles. As a result, Soylent have launched another format, Powder, and secured nationwide retail listing, starting with WHSmith.