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Guinness Joy Of Carnival

After two years of lockdowns and declining on-trade sales, how can Guinness bring people together once again?
Guinness is synonymous with moments of mass, joyful celebration, like St Patrick's Day and the Six Nations.
The iconic Notting Hill Carnival is a Caribbean inspired celebration and is returning this summer after a two year hiatus. How might we surprise and delight Carnival goers with Guinness?
Guinness and foodie duo, Original Flava, presents “Joy of Carnival” At Notting Hill. Bringing together downright delicious caribbean food, classic Guinness and cocktail twists, alongside a DJ providing the very best in reggae and dancehall beats, Guinness and Original Flava invite you to come on down and get a taste of the action.

Serving up the very best in Caribbean food, classic Guinness and cocktail twists.

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Ongoing partnership with Original Flava