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Guinness Whetting Appetite On St Paddy's Day

On a competitive St Paddy’s Day, how does Irish icon Guinness encourage the nation to choose a pint of the black stuff?
Guinness is synonymous with Irish culture, the pub and joyful celebration.
Guinness will bring the craic to This Morning by creating O’Leary’s pub and prime the nation to look forward to a pint of Guinness all day long.
Slainte to another St Paddy’s Day! With over 1.3 million pints sold last St Patrick’s Day, this year is expected to be even bigger… So raise a toast with the iconic black stuff at home or at your favourite local pub, the Irish way. Whether you would prefer to celebrate with an alcohol free Guinness 0.0, or sip on a classic Guinness Draught, grab your mates and join in the craic.

Bringing the Guinness craic to the set of This Morning

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