Bahlsen S'mores

Bahlsen Eat With Your Eyes

Bahlsen biscuits are synonymous with precision, craftsmanship and engineering; it’s what makes them look so great. But, engineering isn’t traditionally a marker of biscuity deliciousness.
Beauty & taste aren’t mutually exclusive. From Omakase Sushi, to Heston’s meat fruit, some of the most highly regarded tasty food in the world, are works of art in themselves.
With consumers showcasing beauty on social media, through tablescaping, showstopping bakes and tempting creations, we needed to insert Bahlsen into this landscape and use the beauty of the biscuit as a cue for deliciousness.
Eat with your eyes. Bahlsen biscuits taste as good as they look. We landed Eat With Your Eyes through mass reaching social content that showcased the beauty and deliciousness of Bahlsen biscuits. Working with iconic names from the Bake Off, day time television, and all out Instagram stars, they created their ultimate moment of beauty and indulgence with Bahlsen. Driving further buzz, we got product in hand with gift packs that were a work of art in themselves.

Bahlsen biscuits taste as good they look


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Bahlsen Biscuits Seeding Kit 2

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