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Vita Coco Making The Coconut Cool

When Vita Coco launched in the UK in 2009, few consumers had tasted, let alone bought, coconut water before. The taste profile was polarising; the packaging unusual; and the price point prohibitive.
In-the-know culture is rampant in the beauty, fashion and health scenes. If you get the Innovators onside, then you’re halfway to trending.
We planned to target the UK insiders in the fashion, entertainment and fitness scenes with a culturally cool seeding programme, positioning coconut water as the must-have elixir for hectic lives.
Shhh! Have you heard about the coconut?  From the fashionista’s worst-kept secret, to the foodies hottest new ingredient, to the hydration essential, we ‘dropped’ the coconut, making it an icon of cultural credibility, building the brand and creating the category in the UK. 
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The must-have essential during London Fashion Week

Vita Coco 1
Vita Coco 2
Vita Coco Rita Ora
Vita Coco - The Grocer

Building the brand that built the category

Appetite created.

Cultural kudos

The must-have accessory for the nation's trend leaders


Market share for Vita Coco

Category creation

Establishing and leading the coconut water category