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Graze Making 'Seeds & Nuts' Tasty

People think that graze isn’t tasty - ‘it’s just seeds and nuts’.
Direct response marketing had acquired the convenience-seekers, but had put off the committed food lovers.
What if we could persuade the UK’s foodie-est chef to get the foodies to reevaluate Graze? Enter Simon Rogan. Chef-proprietor of the UK’s best restaurant, L’Enclume. Michelin 3-stars.
The graze x Simon Rogan limited edition snack box. *** Grilled salad *** lobster & horseradish meringue *** salt & vinegar popcorn *** mascarpone, raspberry and hazelnut biscuit *** Sign up at graze.com for a chance to win one of only 100 boxes.
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Get your hands on the limited edition, world's tastiest snack box, from Graze.

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£1m NSV

In Sainsbury’s in 3 months


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