The Objective

Enhance and communicate Choco Leibniz’s credentials as a biscuit icon, much cherished by those in the know.

The story:

It’s not just a biscuit, it’s a Bahlsen. Take a credible chef, an over-the-top recipe much loved and much shared on social and creating a brand-new way to enjoy Choco Leibniz.

How we did it:

We worked with Tom Cenci, one of the top chefs of the moment to create his ultimate treat - Choco Leibniz S’mores. Created using, Bahlsen’s iconic caramel Choco Leibniz, gooey peanut butter and a perfectly toasted marshmallow, this was Tom’s ideal easy to make treat for BBQ season or a night in with friends.


So delicious, it got its own full-page picture spread in OK Magazine along with over 40 coverage hits to date. Two years on, we’re still being asked for the recipe!