The objective:

Drive unprecedented appetite and awareness for a brand new innovation: ‘dairy-free’ Baileys.

The story:

Finally! Now free-from and vegan treat-seekers can try the ultimate indulgence - Baileys Almande.  

How we did it:

TASTE implemented a three pronged approach

  1. An exclusive preview of highly targeted seeding and announcement to the free-from community

  2. Free From Launch: Build anticipation through highly targeted influencer and media outreach

  3. MASS LAUNCH - capitalising on the existing buzz and excitement as a springboard for full distribution into mass retailers

Culminating in… The Baileys Almande Vegan Treat Stop where we ‘set free’ delicious, indulgent creations, that normally aren’t vegan-friendly, and served them up to the public for a limited time only.


  • 50 key vegan and free from influencers engaged

  • X40 pieces of editorial in free-from print & online media inc. Evening Standard and The Sun

  • 150 pieces of launch coverage to date, combined with availability of 11M+ including a slot on This Morning

  • All our pop up treat ran out within first few hours due to unprecedented demand and queues around the block

  • 800 people visited over 6 hour period, causing a frenzy in Soho. At the peak, the queue was over 100m long, from Soho Square to Oxford St, taking 45 minutes to get to the front.