‘Girl Dinners’ and Popeyes' mis-pop

An idea that didn’t pop the way it was supposed to...

‘Girl Dinners’ and Popeyes' mis-pop
Amy Thorne

Amy Thorne

Managing Partner & Founder

7 Aug 2023

An idea that didn’t pop the way it was supposed to..

There’s little wonder the ‘girl dinner’ trend has taken off on TikTok - it’s relatable, personalisable and a little bit of fun - a sweet moment in culture for the right brand to grab hold of. Something that U.S. fast food brand Popeye's tried to do with its new ‘Girl Dinner Menu’, which has faced some pretty harsh backlash online.

By simply replicating the existing ‘sides’ menu and tagging on the trend, Popeyes has missed the point and left the brand open to criticism. The badging exercise serves as a reminder that tapping into cultural trends requires authenticity and a genuine connection to brand identity to avoid criticism and maintain trust.

In a final blow, by not offering a chicken item, the brand completely leaves out its DNA. In the same breath it misses the essence of the cultural trend - that women can pick and choose whatever suits them for dinner, not suffice with some sides.

A bespoke offer, curated by women who connect with the audience would have added the seasoning to a good idea, executed blandly. What would you have done differently?

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