'Inchstones' and International Flavours...

Delving into the cultural insights shaping the way we eat and drink.

'Inchstones' and International Flavours...
Amy Thorne

Amy Thorne

Managing Partner & Founder

28 Feb 2024

According to Sky News, one nightclub closes every two days, we’re eating out less and less, and Birds Eye data in The Grocer claims that 3 billion more meals are being eaten at home.

The reasons for these shifts are multi-faceted, Gen-Z have stoked a revolution for moderating alcohol consumption and embracing meaningful experiences. And, heavy inflation and a weary economic drop are slimming down household budgets.

But, in all this, there are cultural trends to be aware of, and brands can still make the most of the big ‘night in’. Here are some insights and ideas:

🎉As Pinterest terms it, celebrating "inchstones" is one way parents are cheering on their children's development (searches for 'monthly milestone ideas' have surged by 90%). And it's a trend that's catching on more widely, with people making the most of the little indulgences leading up to significant events like Easter too. Cooking ingredients and treat brands now have a new and playful opportunity to encourage these moments of celebration outside of the typical big events.

🍕The currency of celebrity partnerships has come full circle. Before 2020, celebrity-fronted brands felt outdated as we gravitated towards grassroots creators and influencers. However, big, bold, and on-brand partnerships are back in vogue, as demonstrated by the popularity of the likes of Cher-latto, Ed Sheeran’s Tingly Ted's, Wine by Kylie Minogue and Lewis Capaldi pizzas.

🌎Our worlds are simultaneously expanding and contracting. Family holidays abroad are now unaffordable for many. Brands that bring world flavours and inspirations to our plates capture our imagination and broaden our experiences without jetting off. The success of our recent NPD launch for Smirnoff's Spicy Tamarind is a nod to this trend. 🌶️

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