Udder genius.

Drea Valls' #MobWife Milk skit is the perfect example of food x culture (and an ideal opportunity for brands to join the conversation). Read on for more:

Udder genius.
Amy Thorne

Amy Thorne

Managing Partner & Founder

14 Feb 2024

First off, who is Drea Valls? The British actress has been growing her profile on TikTok with her repertoire of funny monologues and skits. When the 'Mob Wife' aesthetic started trending recently, Drea got creative. Using the cultural tension between dairy and non-dairy alternatives, she anthropomorphised milk into a living, breathing mob wife. The plot? Mob Wife Milk sees a lover return after a fling with an oat-based alternative...see the video below.

The video soon went viral, its relatability and perfect timing with the 'Mob Wife' aesthetic trend in full flow, helping to boost its visibility. It was udder-genius and got us thinking, how could brands in this space jump on the momentum to make the most of the opportunity?

👉 Branded TikTok Stitches: Drea makes a cheeky mention of would-be mobsters, 'Craven & Dale' in her skit. Leaving the door wide open for the brand to add its voice to the conversation with a TikTok stitch. Drea also quickly carried on the series, breathing life into her oat-milk character - setting the stage for the likes of Oatly to bring their own flavour to the joke.

🚚 Experiential and Events: Brands in this space could jump on the trend by delivering more laughs in person. One idea could be taking Drea on a milk float tour of influencer's homes with door-dropped products and comedy.

Listening to the undercurrent of culture on TikTok has become an must-have insight tool for Team TASTE and another example of how these trends start at the grassroots.

Content from the talented Andrea Valls via TikTok

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