Stanley Mania Explained

“It’s just a cup, but if you think about it, money is just paper...”

Stanley Mania Explained
Amy Thorne

Amy Thorne

Managing Partner & Founder

18 Jan 2024

The cultural phenomenon of the Stanley 'Quencher' cup transformed a century-old business to a staggering $400 million empire. How did it happen?

🥤Never underestimate the cultural allure of an accessory that signifies a lifestyle. By unveiling a vibrant spectrum of colours and strategically aligning with the right influencers, Stanley turned a mere cup into a celebrity in its own right.

☕Stanley also plays into Gen Z’s love of making ‘ugly’, cool. Just like Crocs, it’s an example of a brand that was created for utility, that’s become a symbol of being part of the gang (and in-the-know).

🔥Agility was Stanley's secret weapon. No resting on laurels here. When one woman's car went up in flames and her Stanley not only survive, but kept the ice intact, her video garnered a staggering 90 million views. Stanley didn't just watch from the sidelines; they jumped into action, gifting her a brand-new car and a collection of Quenchers.

It’s awe-inspiring that a humble camping cup can be transformed into a 7-figure cultural icon. What do you think of Stanley’s strategy?

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