Is this the most powerful partnership of the season?

Brand partnerships are everywhere right now, but few are as on-the-money as the clever collab between our friends at Movember and Pringles.

Is this the most powerful partnership of the season?
Amy Thorne

Amy Thorne

Managing Partner & Founder

20 Oct 2023

The QR-code moustache campaign takes the scanner through to Movember’s conversations page with access to resources and information about men’s mental health.

But beyond the perfectly paired moustache icon, this campaign resonates further than a simple visual connection. It nails the snacking occasion in a deeply rooted culture-led strategy. Here’s what makes it so effective:

⏰⚽ Perfect Timing: Movember sits right in the heart of the social sporting season of football and rugby, making it the ideal moment to capture men’s attention when they’re together - and snacking.

🥸👂🏽Value and meaning: In an age where everyone's talking, the real edge is in understanding. It’s not about volume but value - and that’s what this delivers in tube-fuls.

🌟🤝🏿 Commitment: In its 4th year, the partnership follows one of our core culture-led principles, the authenticity stress test. Both brands are in it for the long haul, building trust and loyalty with consumers.

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