Brits are feeling the blues more now than in pre-pandemic times...

...according to The Economist

Brits are feeling the blues more now than in pre-pandemic times...
Amy Thorne

Amy Thorne

Managing Partner & Founder

21 Nov 2023

The emotional downturn is particularly apparent among women, with YouGov's weekly mood tracker revealing that females consistently report higher levels of stress and sadness.

Despite progress in conversations around equality at home and in the workplace, the brunt of domestic labour still falls on women. This includes managing food and family shopping.

Our emotions play a significant role in shaping our purchasing decisions and eating habits. So, what cultural shifts can brands tap into given our collective low mood? Here are some thoughts:

🎮 Gamification: Injecting fun and playfulness into everyday activities can foster brand loyalty by providing a much-needed escape from reality.

📽️ Nostalgia: The recent success of Barbie at the box office shows our yearning for the comforts of childhood. Social media is flooded with comforting food recipes and tutorials from joyful home cooks.

💄 The Lipstick Effect: With the rising cost of dining out, many are opting to elevate their home-cooked meals. Food and drink offer a relatively affordable way to add a touch of luxury to our weeks, similar to the lockdown era when caviar sales soared.

🤣 Comedy: TikTok is a testament to our need for laughter, with its Entertainment category racking up almost 4,000 billion views under hashtag#funny.

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