Giving thanks for cultural crossovers...

While most Brits won’t be having a Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, the influence of this famous U.S. holiday is keenly felt on our shores.

Giving thanks for cultural crossovers...
Amy Thorne

Amy Thorne

Managing Partner & Founder

4 Dec 2023

The arrival of this pre-Christmas milestone has got me thinking about other recent crossovers and Stateside trends that have been adopted as if they were our own.

🎃Pumpkin Spice. When TASTE launched this Baileys flavour in 2016, it was little known. Now ‘PS’ is as ubiquitous with the arrival of autumn as the first leaves on the floor.

☕Drive-Thru coffee shops. The commuters’ new morning essential.

👻Halloween. While we’ve always had it, there’s no doubt that it gets bigger YOY and spending in 2023 topped £1bn for the first time.

📅And one-to-watch - the ‘countdown calendar’ - no longer just for Advent, these calendars are growing in popularity across the pond for everything from Easter to Halloween. Post-covid, one of the major cultural shifts we’ve noticed is making more of every occasion and a countdown calendar is the ideal way to do that. Keep your eyes peeled for this trend making its way to our shores in 2024.

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