Food and drink trends to put on your radar

What are the cultural shifts and trends that will change the way we eat and drink in 2024? 👇🏽

Food and drink trends to put on your radar
Amy Thorne

Amy Thorne

Managing Partner & Founder

6 Dec 2023

🔮🔮Here are three predictions from TASTE🔮🔮

🥂Digital overload will have us craving human connection and that spells more at-home occasions. This renaissance of personal hosting isn't just about impressing guests; it's bringing back the celebration that sits at the heart of sharing food. The art of hosting will see a revival but with a twist, including extra attention to detail and more experimental culinary experiences right in our homes.

🤖In the age of AI, where machines can mimic creativity, the true essence of human ingenuity becomes a rare gem. Creators and grassroots talent, those with a knack for infusing innovation into our culture, will become invaluable. Their unique touch in the food and drink industry could redefine our dining experiences.

🌍The 'Green Reality Check' is here. Consumers are no longer just customers; they're advocates for the Earth. They're pushing brands towards a sustainable future. Can you envision aisles in supermarkets dedicated to B-corps, with clear, sustainable signposting? This isn't just a possibility; it's the direction we're heading.

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