We’ve got a winning formula that makes us the best in the business. Here’s why.

  1. TEAM.
    Our diverse, experienced team is made up of  journalists, creatives, digital experts, strategists and seasoned PR consultants and everyone has a role that plays to their strengths and unique skillset.

    The range of expertise allows us to have three departments; Planning & Performance, Content Creation and Delivery. Our planning team will pick apart and then put back together every brief we get; our creative team will generate the compelling story which our consultants will then deliver through multiple channels.

    Our network is unrivalled. Through our connection with The YBFs, co-founded by TASTE’s Amy Thorne, we’re in constant contact with the UK’s most exciting food and drink innovators. In the wider lifestyle space, we have daily conversations with influencers and media across wellbeing, sports, family, entertainment and much more.

On top of all this, we all get free gym membership, fresh fruit every day, free eye tests, annual travelcard loans, holiday buy-back scheme, a dog-friendly office, employee referral bonuses and investment in training and development.

We're always really impressed when people take the time to get in touch and tell us that they'd like to work with us. Why don't you drop us a line and see if we can make it happen?